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Tour # 52 Itinerary


Day 1 /  Start our vacation by boarding an international flight bound for Beijing, the bustling capital of modern day China. Spend the night onboard the wide body jetliner as the it traverses the international date line


Day 2 /  Upon landing at Beijing Airport, we first clear customs then are met our tours guide and are transferred to our deluxe accommodations in town. With no sightseeing planned, the remainder of the day is spent free at leisure. With all the coverage Beijing received in the 2008 Olympics, we are anxious to get started with our sightseeing


Day 3 /  Beijing - Ming dynasty emperor Yongle moved the capital from Nanjing to Beijing in 1421 AD. Meaning "Northern Capital," Beijing is home to over 13 million people and has a history spanning over 3000 years. After breakfast, embark on today's tour around this wondrously historic city. Start off Tiananmen Square, the largest public square in the world. Sightseeing Forbidden city, which during China's Imperial era was the official home of the emperor and his royal court; commoners were not allowed inside. After lunch, we’ll visit the Temple of Heaven, where Ming and Qing emperors prayed annually for a good harvest. Tonight, enjoy a roasted Peking duck banquet, and then attend an acrobatics show.


Day 4 /   Surely the highlight of any tour to China must be the glorious Great Wall. Meandering its way thousands of miles across Northern China, the Great Wall is rumored to be visible from the Moon. Construction of the Great Wall was begun by emperor Qin Shi Huang in 221BC as a military defense structure and took centuries to complete. It stands today as an UNESCO world heritage site. Spend ample time traversing the ancient steps of the Great Wall, Sacred Road, Visit a Cloisonne factory to see the hand making of this old famous local arts and crafts. End the day with nice dinner.


Day 5 /  Beijing - Two full days of sightseeing has earned us a day free at leisure. Finally time to do some shopping and exploring on your own. Spend the day discovering the wonders of Beijing, do some bargain hunting, catch up on some rest, or perhaps step off the beaten path for an optional tour to the ancient Hutongs of Old Town Beijing by rikshaw. Representing both historical and cultural elements of Beijing city life, Hutongs are the traditional small and narrow alleyways lined by traditional homes  Hotel breakfast (No Lunch Dinner)


Day 6 / . Hotel breakfast. Transfer to airport and take morning flight to Hangzhou.  Arrival in Hangzhou, pick up transfer to a nice 3 star central hotel.  After refreshing, sightseeing,  Flowery Harbour Park, enjoy a delicious dinner of Hangzhou food. (Lunch pizza hut on you owe) (Optional tour Song Dynasty Theme Park.)


Day 7 / - Take a scenic cruise and enjoy the ten scenic sights of the beautiful West Lake. The Yue Fei Tomb was built in memorial to the Southern Song Hero, Yue Fei. Stepping into the tomb, you will find a magnificent gate tower and a tablet inscribed with “Restore Our Lost Land” by Yue Fei. Proceed to Liuhe (Six Harmonies) Pagoda, Hefang old street (renovated in song Dynasty style), followed by a Longjing Tea Plantation for a tasting session Breakfast Lunch and dinner.

Day 8 / after breakfast bus to Wuzhen (Wuzhen is a famous water town in Tongxiang county, Zhengjiang Province. 80km away from Hangzhou (140km to Shanghai), Wuzheng Town has a network of ponds and waterways with streets lying along. With a long history, Wuzheng Town boasts of many famous historical cultural sites). Evening take bus to Shanghai, Transfer to a 3 star central hotel.

Day 9 / Shanghai - Shanghai, China's largest metropolis with a population of over 16 million and its most important center of international commerce. Originally a sleepy fishing town, Shanghai's modern history dates back to the early 1900's and is a perfect mix of East and West. After Breakfast. Sightseeing Jinmao tower to have bird’s eye view of Shanghai. Yuyuan Bazaar. driving by bustling local shopping district Nanjing Road and the famous waterfront Bund; (River Tour Optio




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