White Crane Kung Fu

About Bai He Quan ( White Crane Quan)

    White Crane Boxing (白鶴拳) is a Southern Chinese Martial art which originated in Fujian (福建) province and is now practiced throughout the world. The creation of this style is attributed to Fāng Qīniáng (方七娘) a female martial artist. The characteristics of this style are deep rooted stances, intricate hand techniques and fighting mostly at close range as if to imitate a pecking bird. The flying crane style however has a greater amount of long range techniques although it too does prefer close quarters hand oriented combat. Some white crane styles also use a great variety of traditional weapons.

    Bai He Quan (White Crane Kung Fu) is one if the seven kinds of martial art in Fujian Province, China. About its style and characteristics, it mainly bases on the shape of the crane. during the movement, make clear the dynamic and the static, the emptiness and the solidness, rapidness and the slowness, ups and down, run through the arteries and veins, eith smooth Qi, neither hard nor soft, shake with the energy in various techniques, light and agile, have both the shape and the strength, these are all the characteristics that it is famous for, The structure of this martial art is strict and neat, with clear attack and defense consciousness, various hand forms, agile foot work, neat delicate strength.

     The White Crane style is to make less use of physical strength, stressing evasion and attacks to vulnerable areas instead. White crane fighting elements are popular, especially in women's self-defense, because they don't depend on strength and women are better able to imitate the pecking motion so common in the crane style of fighting.  

白鹤拳是福建省七大拳种之一, 其风格特点主要以鹤为形,以形为拳,演练中动静分清,虚实分明,快慢相间,上下起伏,脉略贯通,神气流畅,似刚非刚,似柔非柔,以弹抖劲力足,变化技手多,轻盈灵巧,形神兼备见称。其拳法结构严谨清晰、攻防意识鲜明、手法多变、步法走闪灵活、劲力刚脆精巧。讲解了练习白鹤拳时拳、手、掌、指、勾、爪、基本步型的训练方法

why we learn Kung fu..

Training KungFu does not promote violence. In fact, training for self-defense allows you to develop focus, awareness, concentration and confidence to handle pretty much any situation that comes your way in a calm manner before it gets physically violent. It does however; also give you the physical skills to defend yourself if you need to.

KungFu are known for its ability to create discipline in adults and children. This discipline comes in the form of focus, concentration and respect. These are all skills taught through your training. Anyone who trains martial arts needs to be able to focus and concentrate on what they are learning so they can achieve the optimal benefit of their training. This concentration and focus carries over to other parts of life, including work, home and school. Another aspect taught through training martial arts is respect of others. Put these together and you have someone who shows discipline, confidence and respect.

KungFu can give you or your child the self-confidence you need to succeed. Training KungFu has a way of helping you believe in yourself and this will help you to stop standing in your own way of success. Training KungFu also helps you get in tune with your mind and body which gives you the skills you need to control and defend yourself as well as handle whatever situations that come your way.

These are just a few reasons why KungFu  training is so important to all ages. Our world is changing and we need to help our children prepare for the challenges that come their way in life. Having discipline, social skills, respect for self and others and very important in today’s world, self-defense training, will give them the confidence they need to succeed in all areas of life. Children need a positive outlet. Martial arts fulfills that need.